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How to generally do well on the server.
Hi there! Welcome to Onitsoga Craft.
Here in Soga City we have a wide array of attractions. From the creative world to the mining world and the markets and more!. Your journey starts of at the top of Onicorp Tower.

Things to keep in mind
We are a PVP server - You will more then likely be faced with pvp, be prepared for it or keep cautious. Griefing isn't against the rules - Create a faction, join one or get a room at the hotel to prevent your buildings from getting griefed. Flying is a contributor perk - Always keep an eye on the skies and the map. You might want a bow to shoot them down with!

Never fear being homeless on the server.
We offer a wide variety of homes and protection. For those of you only looking for temporary storage and a PROTECTED place to put down your bed, head on over the hotel. (/warp hotel) Rooms are cheap and plentiful. If your looking for something a little more long term try joining one of the peaceful factions. They are run by administrators and are PVP neutral so you never have to worry about getting jumped outside. Not to mention, you could always make your own faction!

PVP Newbie Protection
You have a PVP timer for 24 real life hours, use that to your advantage. Get done what you must, in that given time. That's plenty of wiggle room to get organized. Maybe use that diamond block to make a diamond pick and start mining up obsidian. To totally be safe from raiding obsidian bases are your best friend. Remember that. It's a good idea to NEVER turn your PVP timer off!!

And remember everyone always starts out somewhere. Don't be discouraged if it takes a bit to get used to things. We've all been in your shoes. We've all been newbies. We've all died, been slayed during PVP, griefed and more then likely raided. Remember it's just a game and games are about fun right? Make friends early on and you'll have loyal allies in the future to help you.
Ohnis are the currency on Onitsoga Craft.
You can use them to buy items, rent property, and use them towards your faction.

There are a few different ways you can make money on the server:
  • Vote! Voting not only helps the server but it also can get you money and prizes!
  • Open up a shop and sell items at the market place.
  • Kill tons of mobs!
  • Donate for a higher salary.
Where the heck can you build stuff???
Everyone one knows the wilderness is where you can be free to do whatever mischief your heart desires. How does one get to the wilderness? Walk... Just walk... You will start off in our server, spawning in a city. To leave said city, walk out of it. Eventually you will be in the wilderness, its not that far!

Always be prepared when you enter the wilderness. Keep your sound on to listen for footsteps or other sounds typical of PVP and players. Keep the map open and watch your location. If you see someone coming near you go to spawn or a safe place. Don't be foolish. If you're newer and can't handle a full potentially diamond person, go to spawn. There's no shame in fleeing. You're being smart, it doesn't make you weak.
Hotels (for newbies)
Don't want your things stolen but don't have a faction? Use the hotel! They are really cheap to rent daily, especially the lower hotel floors. All your things are safe their as long as you keep up with your room rent. Keep all your things and materials in a hotel room until you get the means to join or make a faction. Chests and doors cannot be opened unless you own the room! This is a good method until you get obsidian to make your base raid proof.

Once you have enough Ohnis, you can create a faction. Factions allow you to CLAIM wilderness area for your own! Yes, you manage and own your own area. (check out the map to see all the factions) You can expend your territory as long as you have enough power and money. Power is determined by how many players are a part of your faction. This is why its a good idea to have a huge team of people you trust so your area does not get taken over! Your chests, doors and other interactable things are protected from users outside of your faction. Last of all, THERE IS NO RENT for owning a faction! Saving up money for a faction isn't as hard as you think. See the making money FAQ above!

It is also advised that you avoid setting up a base close to other (much larger factions). Most players don't take to neighbors. Pick a far away, secluded spot for the best results.
Ohnis are the currency on Onitsoga Craft.
You can use them to buy items, rent property, and use them towards your faction.

There are a few different ways you can make money on the server:
  • /rules - To view the server rules
  • /spawn - Warps you to the safety of spawn
  • /sethome - All ranks get at least one home to set
  • /home - Go to your set home
  • /money - Checking your currency balance
  • /pray - Praying for yourself or others at an altar (there's one at spawn)
  • /curse - Cursing someone or yourself from an altar (there is one at spawn)
  • /mcstats - To check your MCMMO stats in game
  • /magnet [on/off] - turns your magnet on or off
  • All of the faction commands
Server Rules
  • Be respectful, be kind, please rewind
  • No hacking
  • No exploiting
  • No xray
  • No racial, homophobic, trasphobic or any other offencive slurs
  • No bullying
  • No excessive use of sexual jokes
  • No Rape jokes
  • Respect administrators and moderators

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Its good to be back finally!

Re: Suggestion: Classic "Ranks" for Ohnis?
Oh it is pretty terrific idea, though I'm not the admin of the server :C. But I will try to notify this plan to our admins then they will probably reconsider to change the system a bit.
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