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Title: Update Log 1
Post by: Epic__Bread on October 13, 2015, 10:55:47 pm
Hello everyone! This is your local loaf of Bread and I'm here to bring you some updates :D

New Server!
   So we recently switched server hosts to fix our horrible lag problems. I'm happy to say it was a glorious success!

Mining World
   We've heard your desperate pleas for help and we've come to the rescue. With /warp mine you too can have access to the mining world. Finally you too can find diamonds! The map will get reset periodically so that everyone can get a chance to get some stuff.

Core Protect
   Admins and mods can now inspect blocks to see a bunch of things that happen on that block like placement, animal death and more! (The plugin only works from the time its installed. We can not go back in time. Sorry.)

Voting Prizes
   Several of our prize options for voting have been changed and all options now give prizes. (I'm looking at you blue scadoo)

Language Rules Update
   We know how frustrating it is to not be able to curse. In the past we were very strict with our cursing and we've realized that it's kind of hard to not curse. So as of today feel free to curse as much as you like! Just remember to be respectful to other players.

Player Profiles
   There's a new feature on the website that lets you look at some of your stats. Click on your face anywhere on the website to bring up your profile or search your name in the player search bar at the top of the page. You'll get a page like this:

World Border
   And last but not least! We expanded the map. Give you guys a little bit more room to breathe in. Enjoy exploring!
As always, if you find any issues please inform the staff! AKA the Admins and Mods.