« on: October 27, 2015, 08:27:54 pm »
Hai everyone, Im Kyde. I own the best faction on the server and i am better than everyone including all the mods and Onitsoga.

Here are a list of reasons why i am better than you: 8) 8)
My name is cooler than yours. 8)
-I am cool. :D
-I am awesome. ;D
-I am Kyde  8)
-I am using too many pronouns :o

So some stuff you need to know about me are:

-Im better than you.
-I invite all noobs to my faction if you make a good impression ;)
-If you leave me... well... lets just say good luck c:
-Dont mess with kyde =3
-I love you, yes even you. :-* :-*

Personal Information:

-I am only 14 don't hurt me. :'(
-I love cats and dogs. Is this even personal? :o ::)
-I'm asian and italian. c: :D
-I'm sorry for anything I do to you

Fun facts:

-Abracadabra IM GONE.

Kyde. 8)